The National Ski Patrol and patrollers at all area resorts are aging. We must do something now to ensure that our sport and our service continues long after we’ve retired.

The Young Adult Patroller program (or SPY, Ski Patrol Youth) encourages youth age 15 until high school graduation to complete OEC and OET and become full patrollers. These youth learn leadership, critical thinking, and crisis management.

These young patrollers may continue to patrol at their home resort or move to benefit other resorts as they go to college or for a career. These young people will help the National Ski Patrol as a whole for many years.

In addition to learning lifelong and valuable skills, some OEC programs can offer college credit for these students that can give them a head start in their academic endeavors.

Recruiting through the local high schools provides excited candidates, particularly students that are looking for careers in Healthcare, Public Safety, the Military, and management.