The Region Legal Advisor is a current NSP member and Attorney licensed to practice in one or more states. He is active in the practice of law and is familiar with NSP Articles of Incorporation, national charter, Region Bylaws and the division and/or region bylaws and policies and procedures.

The Region Legal Advisor is familiar with the NSP/NSAA Joint Statement of Understanding. He/She is familiar with parliamentary law as set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order, including, in particular, the conduct of general board meetings and minutes. He/She is willing to provide advice and other legal services regarding issues and opportunities facing the division or region and its subunits.

The Region Legal Advisor is appointed by the region director following region bylaws. The Region Legal Advisor reports to and serves at the pleasure of the region director. He/She Provides advice and other legal services on behalf of the region as a unit of the National Ski Patrol System, Inc., and region subunits as requested. He/She Reviews and, as necessary, proposes revisions to, division or region bylaws and policies and procedures.

The Region legal Counsel participates as a member of the NSP National Legal Committee by consulting with National and Division Legal Counsel, referring issues with Region implications to the committee and/or national legal Counsel, and assisting national legal Counsel and other division legal Counsel as requested. He/She Advises and assists line officers and instructor trainers in the application and implementation of the NSP Code of Conduct and consults with Section, and NSP patrol legal advisors.