The Central Division Certified Program provides Patroller’s the opportunity to continue their journey and improve their skill set. Certified for me was a personal challenge and mission to learn. Certified allows each of us to challenge ourselves personally and become the best patroller we can be. After completing the Certified program, you are left with not only additional knowledge but with great friends and colleagues across Regions, Divisions and the Nation.

If you are up for a personal challenge and are interested in continuing your learning, I urge you to contact any Certified Patroller in your area and begin your journey!

Certified Mission Statement

“Certified is a national skills development and verification program that provides a readily identifiable resource of highly motivated, skilled, and knowledgeable patrollers to better serve NSP, ski area management and the outdoor recreation community.”

Steps to become a Certified Patroller:

  • Senior Alpine Patroller with 5 years of NSP membership.
  • Read Chapter 12 of the Ski Patrollers Manual.
  • Talk to a Certified Patroller and/or your Region Certified Advisor about the program.
  • Download the Central Division Certified Manual and National Study Guide (beta).
  • Fill out application and submit to Certified Program Supervisor prior to January 1st.
  • Attend a Certified Qualification Clinic and demonstrate the skiing and tobogganing skills necessary to be accepted into the program.
  • Attend the annual Certified evaluation, passing all of the program modules within the allotted three year window.

Central Division Certified Website

National Ski Patrol Certified Website