The National Ski Patrol has a strong awards program designed to recognize patrols and patrollers. Each year, the NSP gives out its National Outstanding Awards, which are awarded in 12 categories: Outstanding Large Alpine Patrol, Outstanding Small Alpine Patrol, Outstanding Administrative Patroller, Outstanding Alpine Patroller, Outstanding Patroller, Outstanding Paid Patroller, Outstanding Nordic Patrol, Outstanding Nordic Patroller, Outstanding Instructor, Outstanding OEC Instructor, Outstanding Patrol Representative, and Outstanding Young Adult Patroller. The awards are handed out in the fall, and an article featuring the winners is published in the winter Ski Patrol Magazine.

Each fall before ski season, Central Division e-mails each Region Awards Advisor copies of all the previous season’s Central Division Outstanding Winners’ nominations. The Region Award Advisor is encouraged to use these submissions as templates to help their Region patrols better represent themselves with their Region Awards Committee as well as the Central Division judges.

The Central Division Awards Manual provides detailed requirements for writing successful award submissions along with Section of the National Ski Patrol Policies and Procedures as well as the Central Division Policies and Procedures. The Manuals will show what awards your patrollers might be qualified for and how to write a complete award submission. While initially intimidating, following these instructions will make submitting your nominations a less painful task.  Any patroller can submit the majority of the awards.

Submissions will not be accepted if the guidelines are not followed. Every year, Award submittals are rejected because of errors on the documentation. Understanding the instructions in the manuals will help Award Writers create successful nomination submissions. It is also important to use the correct forms when submitting Award nominations. The correct documents can be found on the Central Division Awards Website.

Below is a list of oversights that can disqualify a submission;

  • Central Division and National will accept nominations on the current year’s forms only
  • DO NOT hand write with the exception Approval signatures
  • Carefully follow the rules and suggestions detailed in the Awards manual, your submission forms, the Division Guideline documents, and the NSP Policies and Procedures.
  • Start early in the season- the sooner, the better.
  • A sponsor only signs the sponsor line, nothing else.

You have a Region Awards Advisor and a Division Awards Advisor – use their expertise – call or e-mail them if you have any questions.  Review the guiding documents on the Division web site for the nomination you are writing.  The guideline may answer your questions before contacting the Region Awards Advisor or Division Awards Advisor. Early submission will allow your Region Awards Advisor the time to work with you to improve and polish your submissions.

Awards can be submitted to your Region Awards Advisor at any time of year with the exception of the Outstanding Awards. Outstanding Awards have a specific deadline each spring, Each Region has slightly different times for requiring their submissions for Outstanding Awards, so each Patrol Representative or Patrol Awards Advisor should check your Region web site or contact the Region Awards Advisor to verify any deadline dates.

Patrollers are encouraged “pre-submit” their awards to their Region Awards Advisors. The e-mailed submissions can be reviewed and if changes are needed or they do not meet National guidelines, the Region Awards Advisor can reply and recommend changes. Submissions may need to be clarified, some need to be placed in another category, and some may not fit the National Awards criteria.

This technique works well. Electronic submission may seem time consuming, but electronic communication speeds up the process, improves accuracy and therefore a better likelihood of acceptance at the National level.

Central Division Award Website

Visit the Central Division Website for Award Documents and Winners past and present.

National Ski Patrol Award Website